What is naturopathic nutrition?


Naturopathy or Nature Cure believes in the fundamental principle of the healing power of nature.  The body is supremely balanced to function with the help of eleven different systems, like digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system etc.  When a system or more are under stress for various reasons not the least through the kind of food (fuel) we give our body, we develop symptoms.  Naturopathic nutrition attempts to re-balance the systems through whole foods and possibly supplements to give the body the greatest chance to heal itself.


How can it help you?


You are unique in your make-up and situation and need to nourish your body accordingly.  Knowing what to eat and why will help you make choices that your body will love and give it the best building blocks to grow, repair, heal and support all the different systems in your body.


When to book a consultation


Prevention is better than cure!  Don’t wait until symptoms appear.  Learn to love and recognise nourishing foods.


When the systems are out of balance and symptoms appear it is time to look closely at what could be the cause.


What happens at a consultation?


The initial consultation will last about 1 ½ to 2 hours where information about your state of health is methodically and confidentially gathered from birth to present moment, evaluated and a treatment plan suggested which consists of dietary suggestions and possibly supplements.  A food diary needs to be kept for 3-5 days and brought to the consultation as well as previous test results.


How much does it cost?


Initial appointment

Follow up appointments (about 40 min)


Special offer until December 10, 2016 
Initial appointment, 2 follow up appointments
and e-mail support








Naturopathic Nutrition


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